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Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its phenomenal influence in the ancient world

Delphi was considered by the ancient Greeks to be the center of the world so make a stop and admire “the omphalos”, the famous stone monument marked as the navel of the world. It is a 2.30 hour drive from Athens and one of Greece’s premier tourist attractions all year round. If you want to immerse yourself in the history of ancient Greece, let us Route U straight to Delphi.

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  • City of Thebes
  • The Archaeological Site of Delphi
  • The Ancient Theatre of Delphi
  • The Archaeological Museum of Delphi
  • Arachova Villageand Mount Parnasos

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  • The Oracle of Delphi was the most important oracle of ancient Greece in Phocia
  • Delphi is believed to be the navel or center of the Earth
  • Apollo is worshipped in Delphi because he killed a serpent also called ‘drako’ and became the protector of the region
  • Delphi like other religious regions in Greece held Games to honor Greek deities. The Pythian Games commenced in 591BC and were held every eight years
  • The Delphi Tholos is one of the medieval structures of Delphi. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a circular design and stands about 13.5m in height at the middle of the Athena Pronaia temple.
  • Delphi was originally guided by Gaia who was known as the ‘Grandmother of the Earth’. The city was guarded by a dragon, Python on the instructions of Gaia. This was the monster Apollo killed.
  • Phoebe was the third goddess to become a priestess of Delphi. She also happens to be the grandmother of Apollo.

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